2023 Recordings & Resources


Forge 2023 has been an amazing and successful event, thank you to all of the speakers, participants, and support throughout the 2 days! We’re excited to see what we can accomplish in the next year! Here you can view the recordings from this year’s conference while we wait for the next one.

Camilo Romero

“Cuál es tu Paz?” Story-healing towards intergenerational peace & empowerment

Jasmine Whaley

Think Like An Organizer: The Story of Self

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Sandy Marshall

Place-Based Storytelling as Participatory Practice

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 Juanjuan “June” He

Co-create Beyond Cultural Barriers: Intergenerational Collaboration with Local Immigrant Aging Communities

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More resources to check out around June He’s work:

Making Diverse Voices Heard
Building Community-Based Co-Design Projects with Older Asian Communities in Philadelphia

Drexel Students Explore Co-Design and Aging in Philadelphia Communities 

Rachel Switzky

Developing a Community Engagement Lab

Interested in watching the discussion that followed the talk? Access it here!

 Foad Hamidi

Participatory Approaches for Technology-rich Learning Across Generations

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 Camilo Romero Closing Keynote

“If Not Us, Then Who?” Healing Intergenerational Trauma Through Sociodrama Story-Telling

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 Ela Ben-Ur

Our Innovator’s Compass

Fred Leichter

Intergenerational Design Teams

Resources are available here! 

Alden Burke

The Deepest Well: Exploring the creative capacity of mentors, friends, & other learning-centered relationships

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Michelle Janning

Designing Meaningful Boundaries across the Lifespan

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Lesley-Ann Noel

How might we use design across intergenerational communities to create patient-centered care?
Recording will be available soon!
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Saad Shehab

Lessons Learned from Integrating Human-Centered Design in Community Placement Assignments of Existing Social Sciences & Humanities Courses.

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Dhvani Toprani

Lessons learned from facilitating learning of Human-Centered Design in K-12

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Raja Schaar

Forging Ethical & Intergenerational Futures

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